If you’re like us, you were born with the travel bug. This wolf pack loves the unbeaten path and exotic locales alike, with an innate passion for places unknown (and some familiar favourites too!) Ah yes, the exciting buzz of the airport gets our pulses goin’. And while jet-set travel is so our scene, it can certainly take a toll on even the most posh damsel. As I prepare for vacation myself, here are a few tried-and-true travel savvy tricks that are sure to come into good use:

Tip 1

Travel-sized products aren’t just adorable – they’re incredibly convenient too! Rather than mess about with pouring your beauty must-haves into smaller bottles and jars, opt for mini versions instead. I also save packet samples that I collect throughout the year (thanks, mag subscriptions and Sephora rewards!) to bring along – a great opportunity to try out some new goodies too!

Tip 2

Dry cabin air not only strips skin of its moisture, but also saps healthy colour and brightness too. Ugh. Score that impossibly fresh-looking glow upon landing by layering cheeks with a creamy, light-reflecting blush. Try NARS The Multiple, an all-in-one multipurpose stick that you can dab on lips too!

Tip 3

Our no nonsense Abi tote ain’t just for looks – this bad gal also provide excellent storage. Featuring a roomy outer zip pocket and our signature inside details of a zip pocket, hook and loop, Abi is my go-to carry-on bag that packs more than just major attitude!

Tip 4

Comfort and style? We’re on board! Go for slouchy harem pants with a fitted cotton top, which looks much less sloppy than sweats but just as comfy. And because temperatures on a plane tend to fluctuate, layer with a tailored blazer and toss a drapey scarf into your bag to double as a blanket.

Tip 5

Exposed feet can feel a bit icy by the time you reach cruising altitude. Stash a pair of cashmere slippers in your carry-on to wear on the plane – they look like cute ballet flats so you can walk around in them, plus their warmer than cotton socks. Double whammy!

Tip 6

Find yourself more prone to breakouts after a flight? That’s because planes are dry and pressurized, making skin cells overcompensate by producing more oil, leading to breakouts. Take preventative measures by slathering on a moisturizer with rich hydrators like ceramides and glycerin before boarding; midflight, refresh skin with a spritz of antioxidant-infused mist (try First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist).

Tip 7

To keep your clothes smelling fresh, slip a couple mini candles into your luggage. When you arrive at your final destination, light them in your room to make a foreign environment feel more homey. May tranquility ensue.

Tip 8

Before you even think about dialing room service, unpack your clothes pronto! For instant smoothing, hang up loose dresses, tops and skirts and spray them with crease remover (The Laundress Crease Release is awesome!), then blast with a blow dryer. Lay cotton shirts and trousers over damp wash cloths to help soften wrinkles and straighten out the fabric as it dries.

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I’m Ashley – a bona fide beauty junkie, fashion fanatic, positive-energy-maker, and lover of all things vintage. I am a freelance and contributing writer for Beauty Nine To Five, Van City Vogue and Lloyd and Wolf Couture. You can find me in Twitter universe @LovedoveAsh.

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