Fiercely Individual, simply put, the Lloyd & Wolf Couture brand is exactly that.

When we made our first bag we didn’t set out to follow in the wake of anything else we’d seen before. We wanted to blaze our own trail and come up with something different, something that matched our own eccentricity. We took some yummy burgundy lambskin, a hammer and some studs and fashioned our first bag. We made several more in the same style and played around with different skins and different types of hardware and learned a lot about ourselves in the process. We made our first Phoebe and decided we really like our spikes. We honestly did try to do some styles without them…but we just couldn’t stop ourselves. It just felt too plain, too boring, too…safe. Not us, not at all.

So we decided to just spike everything to our hearts content, and be happy. Our spikes became the icing on the cake for our beautiful leathers, and the quality of our craftsmanship. Our styles got that added twist we were looking for and represent who we really are. We’re fierce. Our bags are individual.

Fiercely individual, it’s how we roll.