our leathers

We love leather. We also tend to get a little bit carried away when buying it. Since our focus is on crafting unique limited edition pieces, we get to run completely wild on our shopping trips, and trust us, we do. We aren’t interested in producing 1000 of one thing in the same colour, it’s far too boring. We’re also not keen on being told what colours are “in” each season, we like what we like. Of course this sets us up for all kinds of difficulties because we can’t get the tanneries to produce the small quantities we desire. So, we spend a huge amount of time sourcing our skins from Italy and Spain, sometimes right here at home too.

We only buy leather that has distinctive qualities to it, whether it is an application in the finishing process that gives a certain luster, or the tanning and dyeing process imparting a rich and varied colour into the actual skins. We give thought to each style we have and how a particular skin is going to wear with use. We have goat and lambskins from Italy that have an incomparable vintage quality and yet a nice structure to the skins that is neither too light, nor too heavy. Oily pull up cowhide is one of our absolute favourites. It has a rich deep colour making the skins seem to glow, a softness of hand and yet enough weight to give our Abi tote it’s wonderful slouchy attitude and the more banged up it gets, the better. Spain gives us cowhides that have this wonderful crackly finish and absolutely amazing colours, it’s going to look wicked years from now.

Whether it’s goatskin, lambskin or cowhide, from Italy, Spain or Canada, each skin is chosen for it’s own unique beauty, texture, gorgeous hue, and structure. So we have made a hard job for ourselves (we never said we weren’t stubborn), but we love it and our leather reflects who we are, and we are fiercely individual.

Recently, we have had to great fortune to work with <i><a href=”http://horween.com/leathers/chromexcel/” target=”_blank”>Horween leather from Chicago</a></i>.  Using their exquisitite leather, we crafted our brand new <i><a href=”https://www.lloydandwolf.com/products/charlie/” target=”_blank”>Charlie bag</a></i>.