The Collective by Lloyd & Wolf, Maddy Wolf Skull with art by Thomas Magno.

Introducing the Collective.
Since inception, Lloyd and Wolf has strived to be a brand blazing new trails. Our philosophy has always been, limited-edition fiercely individual luxury leather goods. While we have stuck to our guns, it has not been easy. Therefore, we just don’t fit into the status quo.
Because we are nothing if not tenacious and extremely stubborn, and so it is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the Lloyd and Wolf Collective. As a result, we have decided to boldly go even farther with our original concept, and present a smaller more refined, and infinitely more exclusive collection of artistic pieces.
Partnering with local artists, Thomas Magno and Ben Tour, the collective offers up the true essence of the Lloyd and Wolf brand. It is a collection of fiercely individual, extremely limited, rocker chic pieces. We are pushing the boundaries of leather craft and have emblazoned each piece with the exclusively commissioned work of our artists.
Because Fashion is Art, always has been.
Welcome to the Lloyd and Wolf Collective.

Maddy Wolf Skull, hand painted by Thomas Magno, Italian polished calf skin.


        Dolly Wolf Skull, suede embossed with art by Ben Tour




Splatter Clutch Wolf Skull, hand painted by artist Ben Tour


Back view with artists rendering embossed.