Airport style can be a hard one to achieve. So, how do you¬†appear cool, while keeping it, amid delays, lost luggage, over booked flights and cranky companions? It’s not just what you pack, it’s how you pack it. Sure, we all know how pare it down to the perfect 5 staple pieces that can mix and match to create 75 outfits all while¬†remaining completely wrinkle free. Just kidding, I totally lied. What is with that anyway? I am sooooo bored with that. I do however, subscribe to the ‘roll’ not ‘fold’ theory ( well on the way to my destination anyway, on the way back it’s totally ramshackle whatever). If you haven’t figured this out yet, shame on you, check out “How to Pack Like a Pro“.

kendall-jenner-at-lax-airport-november-2015_9 copy


Now that you’ve figured out how to pack, the next thing is what to pack it in. I’ve grown weary of purchasing new luggage on an annual basis. I did have one great piece that lasted about 5 years, it was the one on TV that was run over by a Hummer or something (so, like, perfect). It sadly died last year and no replacement was ever found. I decided it was time to just pony up and get the real deal, so I kitted myself out with Rimowa. It’s German, so. I went with the aluminum versus the polycarbonate, as I just liked the look and feel of it better. I felt pretty swank rolling it through YVR on it’s maiden voyage. Although,when I picked it up on the other side, the realization dawned on me that the airline had in fact dragged it behind the aircraft as opposed to storing it inside. Cost cutting you know. No matter, everything looks better with age, right?



The Bella Overnighter and Drac Duffel

So, what about your carry on bags? Well, seeing as it’s only you doing the dragging, no need to worry about road rash on your leather goods. Lots of options of course, my preference of late being a certain small leather duffel bag. I pack a full change of clothes, shoes and a hat in there and it gets crammed in the overhead bin. I do admire those that do the backpack, it is certainly a sleek alternative, I just prefer dumping my duffel on top of my luggage as opposed to shoulder slinging. Of course I’ve also got a bag with me that goes under the seat in front (and dragged out about 19 times mid-flight). It is either a large tote, or a cross-body, totally dependent on my destination. Beaches require a tote, and the big city needs a cross-body.

rosie copy



The Steffi Backpack


The Abi tote











The Laurel Crossbody Messenger


Of course, I usually throw in a few extra bags, because you never know right?