the story

The Lloyd & Wolf brand is a uniquely limited-run, couture-oriented brand of handcrafted leather accessories designed to reflect our customers’ fierce individuality.

Each of our production runs are limited in quantity; none of which feature predictability, boredom or the look of the status quo. We steadfastly believe in rock, roll, honor and a life lived on 10. With dogs, red wine and a marked lack of pretense.

We also believe leather craft is an underappreciated art form. Like our customers, we love the smell. The buttery, varied textures. The rich patinas, and the detailed design necessary to transform leather into an accessory worthy of notice and admiration. Focusing on the intricate workmanship required to craft a hide into something unique, our design house creates pieces that become richer and more beautiful with wear.

Each piece is designed in Vancouver, British Columbia, handcrafted from the finest Italian and Spanish leathers, hand-numbered, and typically the cause of varied adoration and/or envy, then a frantic Google session that culminates at

Lloyd & Wolf was named to pay homage to the founder’s father, Wolfgang, and her husband’s father Lloyd.