The Way We’re Made

We’ve built our reputation on being a brand of fiercely individual, luxury, hand crafted leather goods. But what does that mean? Each and every hide we use is carefully hand selected. A time consuming process to be sure, but we want to make sure that our final product showcases the stunning nature of the skins we’ve chosen. Each skin is an integral part of our design and this process ensures the final outcome is what we intended. We’ve carefully selected those that construct our bags for us, and they can be counted on one hand. We have a few styles that are constructed here in Vancouver, and a few in Spain. That’s it. In both cases, these are leather craftsmen. They cut each and every pattern piece individually, and by hand. All of our spike hardware is attached one by one, by hand. Sewing is done by one person, by machine. In case you were wondering, hand stitched leather goods are referred to as ‘bench crafted’ . This is not mass production. What’s the difference? In a nutshell, in mass production hides are ordered from the tanneries in large bundles, they are then cut in stacks using a large press and steel pattern pieces that kinda look like giant cookie cutters. Each component of the bag is assembled at different stations using different machinery, and then a final assembly is done. That’s when you have 2000 of the same bag walking out the door… Lloyd & Wolf is the result of our desire to maintain our individuality, and to create something truly spectacular. We’ve done exactly what we set out to do. Sure, our bags might cost a little bit more than those others, but that’s because we’re a whole lot different. We’re not the type to wear a splashy logo, and we’re certainly not interested in buying something just because everyone else does. Great style is truly individual, and lasts a lifetime. We rebel against the status quo, and we’re gonna stay that way. Cool huh?