Walk the Line Collage

When it comes to defining the eyes, there’s nothing quite like eyeliner to do the trick. And based on what we saw during Fall 2015 Fashion Weeks, the reign of eyeliner was evident, inspiring us to explore endless possibilities of defining eye looks. Perhaps one of the more classic of the lot is tightliner, or what makeup artists refer to as invisible eyeliner – that magical illusion of big, open eyes without a trace of any obvious makeup. The look is oh-so-easy to score with this simple how-to:

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Boho Collage

A few years ago, the revival of boho style became all the rage, thanks to “it” girls like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Wide brimmed hats, carefree hair, floaty layers of lace and chiffon – oh how we loved the playful mix of the free spirit. With elements of 60’s and 70’s fashion spotted at the latest runway shows, boho is back again, but this time with a luxe twist.

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Smoke Show Collage

Ah, the holiday season – a time filled with family, good food, and of course, glamourous parties! Well fancy or not, there’s something about these festive occasions that inspire us to ramp up the glitz and glam, making our beauty regime all the more fun. And no doubt about it, the smoky eye is a classic go-to makeup look. Sure, it may seem challenging to achieve, but equipped with these simple steps and tools, you’ll master this sultry look in no time. Smoke show, indeed!

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Aubergine Collage

When it comes to colour, there are certain hues that emit luxury instantaneously. Aubergine is one of them. Long associated with riches and royals, this deeper shade of purple adds mysterious allure to anyone’s wardrobe, making it oh-so-perfect for the winter season.

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